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The GOLDEN MYANMAR GUIDE Publishing Policy

GOLDEN MYANMAR GUIDE’s policy on the publication of press releases, news, articles and associated material is simple. If it’s a press release or news, or articles issued in Myanmar, is legible, legal, sane, not hateful and not defamatory we will most probably publish it.

While we must reserve the right to refuse any material for publication, and also to remove material at any time without notification, we don’t tend to exercise it very often.

We also reserve the right link the news we choose to feature in our feature panels, to edit and correct material if necessary, to distribute material published via email and databases and to publish the views of those who might disagree with you.

We also reserve the right to provide priority publication to content from Premium Members and to refuse to include hyperlinks, images, video, audio and other multimedia files from Standard Members.

GOLDEN MYANMAR GUIDE is always keen to receive submissions from columnists, journalists, and writers from all around Myanmar. For the avoidance of disappointment, we do not tend to pay submitters for their material.

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