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About Ngapali Beach & Things To Do When You Get There.

Ngapali Beach

About Ngapali Beach & Things To Do When You Get There.

An unspoiled, sleepy beach holiday destination situated in the Bay of Bengal, with its white sand and crystal clear water, Ngapali Beach like Inle Lake awaits the world to discover. It is a place where time stands still, allowing you to simply “switch off” and recharge your batteries.


By plane

Flight time from Yangon To Ngapali Beach is approximately 45 minutes. There are regular flights during the dry season, between October and April, from Yangon to Thandwe Airport (Ngapali).

By bus

Don’t even think about it! But if you must, there are daily buses (coaches) running between Yangon, Aung Migalar bus terminal and Thandwe. Ye Aung Lan and Aung Thitsar are well known to operate daily. Tickets cost around 15,000 Kyats per person. The journey takes about 14 hours over mountain ranges with lots of stops at immigration points, which is simply a formality.

Make sure to take warm clothing with you as it tends to get chilly overnight. When you arrive in Thandwe, normally early in the morning, you will need to take a taxi or a “motorcycle taxi” to reach Ngapali Beach.


There is plenty to do for those more active holiday makers and travellers alike.

  • Go line fishing and/or snorkeling on fishing boats.
  • Go game fishing on one of the specialist game fishing boats.
  • Play a game of 9 hole golf at the nearby Ngapali Golf course, maybe competing with the local golfers. (Be warned, they are
  • pretty good!)
  • Go out on an early mornings bicycle tour around the surrounding villages, morning markets or along the entire Ngapali beach, sampling the local way of life.
Ngapali Boat Trip



There are some truly wonderful boat trips on offer in Ngapali Beach. Take a trip to Pearl Island and snorkel in the pristine waters of the Bay of Bengal. Or sail to the uninhabited Pirate beach, take some beautiful photographs of the coastline and enjoy a tasty BBQ lunch.


Thandwe is a pretty little town 7 kilometers from the beach. It has a bustling market and a traditional longyi-weaving factory. Three golden pagodas are also situated on hilltops at different points around Thandwe offering spectacular views. The tallest is Nandaw Paya, which supposedly contains a piece of a rib of the Buddha.


We’re “deadly” serious about this. The monastery of Salone is the home of a late Buddhist monk who, more than 10 years ago, put himself in the state of death through meditation. Ever since then the mummy of him has been kept under glass.


Amata Mountain is a place where you will encounter stunning ocean views, a meditation center, and a standing Buddha image.


Be daring and explore the many bays and mangroves surrounding Ngapali by kayak.


Bird watching around Nghet Pyaw Chaung Lake is an activity for the nature lover, especially since there are 30 species of birds in the area.


Ngapali Beach has a 9-hole golf course a couple of kilometers north of the beach. You can expect to pay $20 for 9 holes and $4 for a caddy.


Unsurprisingly, seafood is a big deal in Ngapali Beach and it is exceedingly good. We recommend the Two Brothers restaurant, which serves snapper, barracuda and their specialty: white tuna fried in chili!


Experience the exquisite sunsets at the end of the day in this paradise. Sunsets over the Bay of Bengal is invariably a time to appreciate and celebrate mother nature’s gifts over a glass of cold beer, cocktail or whatever takes your fancy.

Ngapali Beach is your chance to take time out from the big cities but remains immersed in the culture of Myanmar (Burma).

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