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GOLDEN MYANMAR GUIDE (Media Advertising & Online Shopping) Co., Ltd. is 'An Online Business and Entrepreneur Support Portal' that provides a unique and robust Online Marketing Solution in the form of a Business Listing/Advertising Platform AND Media & Information Hub for Myanmar Businesses. We connect thousands of buyers and sellers in Myanmar, empowering people & creating the Economic Opportunity for All.

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Myanmar's No.1 Real Estate Site to Find the Latest Properties for Sale & Rent - The most uncluttered, user-friendly property portal. Save time and money with Golden Myanmar Guide, the real estate portal where you can search for a wide range of the latest properties and real estate on Myanmar's largest list of properties for sale and rent.

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Find Your Next NEW or USED Car for Sale in Myanmar. Use Golden Myanmar Guide’s Smart Search and browse effortlessly & safely through thousands of the latest cars. We are revolutionizing the car industry in Myanmar to maximize value for buyers and sellers.


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