Explore mysterious Pindaya Cave on a next trip to Myanmar Explore mysterious Pindaya Cave on a next trip to Myanmar

Explore mysterious Pindaya Cave on a next trip to Myanmar

Explore mysterious Pindaya Cave on a next trip to Myanmar

Pindaya is famous for its limestone caves, its attractive lakeside setting, and the traditional Shan paper umbrellas that are manufactured here. Set deep in the hillsides, the caves (some of which serve as meditation chambers) contain some 6000 Buddhas of various sizes, which are made of white marble, bronze or plaster, and coated with gold leaf.

From the entrance you can enjoy a beautiful view over the town. At the entrance of the cave is a large bronze bell cast in 1842 and a sculpture of a giant spider and a Prince aiming his bow at it. Local legend tells that once a giant spider lived in the cave. One day the spider captured a local Princess and held her captive in the cave.

Pindaya Cave Myanmar

According to the legend, the Prince armed with bow and arrow killed the spider, thus rescuing the Princess. Don’t forget to make a pause on the way to this ancient and historical place in must – to – go Myanmar.

The Pindaya cave is an important pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists and an attractive, unusual sights for tourists.

Pindaya Attractions

Pindaya is located 45km away from Kalaw. There’s a lot of beautiful landscape to be taken in when travelling from Kalaw to Pindaya. The latter is famous for its limestone caves as well as temples, Danu Village and pagodas.

The Pindaya cave has a length is 490 feet long and is said to have existed for the past 200 million years and is 5,000 metres above sea level. All the sculpture work, carvings and paintings inside these caves are of Lord Buddha and were created by hand by his worshippers.

The maze inside the cave is at its highest point and is mostly used by visitors to pose next to for photographs. A pagoda festival is celebrated at the base of Pindaya Hill which is lined with huge banyan trees. One of the villages of Danu is known as Hgnatpyawtaw and is a popular tourist destination.

At the base of Pindaya Hill is Singaung Monastery, a century old teakwood building which also has a lacquered-bamboo Buddha image. Ponetaloke Lake is another popular attraction at Pindaya.

How to get to the Pindaya Caves

The Pindaya cave is located in the Shan state in Central Burma near the village of Pindaya and not far from Heho airport and Inle Lake. It is about 1½ hours or more drive over a very scenic road in the hills from Heho airport, depending on road conditions and weather.

There is a long covered walkway from close to the town all the way of to the entrance of the cave. Alternatively, you can take a car or horse cart to the car park just below the entrance of the cave. A few steps up from the car park is an elevator leading to the caves entrance.

Since the elevators walls are glass, you will have great views of Pindaya town and the lake on the way up. Instead of the elevator, you can also walk up the final part of the stairs. As the cave is a sacred place, please remove shoes and socks at the entrance.

Entrance fee & opening hours

The cave is open daily during daylight hours. Entrance fee is US$ 3 per person.

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