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Myanmar Business Tours

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Welcome to Myanmar Business Tours

We arrange market visits and key introductions for senior executives of companies looking at starting businesses in Myanmar.

Myanmar has been isolated from the rest of the world for most of the last 50 years. Access to reliable information to support an investment decision can be difficult and time consuming. Myanmar Business Tours offers a solution to this challenge by providing access to its network. After an intensive 48 hour tailor-made visit, during which you will meet with executives from your industry, market research professionals, expert lawyers and auditors, you will be able to decide whether you should enter Myanmar or not, now or later. This is our promise.

The efficient way to enter Myanmar

We are a multinational team of passionate professionals with an extensive track record of doing business successfully in Myanmar. Some of our team members have up to 20 years’ experience with leading multinational and local companies in a variety of sectors: consumers goods, hotel and tourism, advertising, market research, law practice, banking, trading, distribution… The reach of our networks and our reputation are second to none. We truly have privileged access to the people who have the answers to your questions.

Our clear business process in Myanmar allows us to deliver on our promises

  1. You brief us on your business development objectives in Myanmar
  2. We propose a 48 hour tailor-made program
  3. We accompany you during the whole program, answering questions as needed
  4. We help you to formulate conclusions and define the next steps

Note: Organization of your travel and accommodation is best done by you according to your preferences.

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